Is This The Best Ultrabook? Dell Latitude E7240

When the Dell Latitude E7240 first hit the market, it was worth as much as $2,045. The price point has been rationalized by the way it combined excellent performance with striking good looks.

First Impressions

Straight out of the box, the device just screams premium mainly due to the tri-metal chassis. Dell has touted this design philosophy particularly how it satisfies military standards. Its soft-touch texture feels good in the hand and is lightweight enough to afford its users the convenience when it comes to on-the-go computing. At 12.5 inches, the form factor is quite compact, further burnishing its claim to portability. These are basically the initial impressions that would jump out at its new owners and even those who happen to see them use it for the first time.

If you must know, this laptop is oriented towards business users. But this does not mean that it does not fit with the requirements of other market segments. If you are a student or one who will be using the ultrabook either as a productivity tool or an entertainment device, you will find that the E7240 will consistently rise up to the occasion.  

As a business laptop, the Dell E7240 is built as a professional machine with premium design and hardware. To put this another way, you can say that while the laptop is a workhorse and tough enough to bear the brunt of abuse, it is also sleek and sexy. So these variables will not exactly hurt the requirements and needs of consumers who are not part of the business segment.

The most notable features include the HD touch IPS display, which has 1920 x 1080 resolution. All these ensure that the ultrabook has excellent viewing angles. There is also the backlit keyboard, with keys that have decent travel, making for great typing experience.

You might be surprised to find that the E724 has a large trackpad with two separate mouse buttons, which is now quite rare among the ultrabook breed. For those wondering how it performs, well, the trackpad is super sensitive and the buttons make satisfying clicks.

Specs Highlight

Again, the Dell E7240 is an ultrabook so its innards are tailored with mobility in mind. The laptop, however, benefits from Dell’s migration to the new Haswell architecture for its business laptops. This means that it is more power-efficient.

The model we reviewed has an Intel Core 4th Generation i7 4600U Processor (2.1GHz), which is part of the Intel Core vPro processor range. It also has a 256 GB mSATA Solid State Drive and 8GB RAM. There is a solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD) option but both should deliver reliable performance. We have tested the device for a week and we have experienced no hiccups or any significant lag in performance.

The four-cell swappable battery can cover as much as seven hours, which is not too shabby at all. You will barely hear any noise if the device is running low load and we noticed that the maximum temperature hovered at 31.2 °C. The temperature is bound to increase if you use the E7240 at full performance for more than an hour.

Save for the USB 3.0 ports, the E7240 features a standard HDMI interface and a mini DisplayPort used to connect to external displays. The array of ports is complemented by a card reader and a conventional Gigabit LAN interface.

The E7240 ships with Windows 8 and Dell has also thrown in some proprietary technologies befitting the laptop’s business orientation. For example, the ultrabook is outfitted with Dell Data Protection and Security Tools such as fingerprint reader, RSA SecurID and FIPS 201-compliant smart card reader to ensure secure access to your files and data.

There is also the DDP encryption solution, which includes tools such as the Dell Control Vault, which stores user data on a separately controlled hardware chip.

The E7240 is, of course, not perfect. It has few flaws such as how the keyboard keys are a bit cramped. If you have large fingers, you might encounter a little inconvenience in this respect.

The other downside that might turn you off is the fact that it is slightly heavier than some of its competitors. We believe, however, that the weight is legitimate compromise given the quality of its aluminum body.


Overall, Dell has created in E7240 one of the most solid, compact, and beautiful ultrabooks we have seen from the company. It stays on the top-tier of the ultrabook segment as well and can go toe-to-toe with the likes of the 2016 MacBook and its peers in Lenovo’s Thinkpad range.

What is even more awesome is how the price has now dropped to $699.99. That constitutes about 66 percent savings for consumers.


  • Excellent Performance
  • Great and Sturdy Build
  • Beautiful Display
  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Data Security Enhancements


  • Cramped Keyboard
  • Limited (all-SSD) storage capacity
  • Heavy for a Business Ultrabook
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  1. If you have this in stock I will probably get one for my wife. The features fits what she’s looking for.

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