Why Buy Refurbished: The Case For The Dell 70-Inch Monitor

When Dell launched the 70-inch C7016H monitor, it immediately drew plaudits for its capability to enhance collaborative work and shared computing space due to its massive display. Some quarters are even touting it as a great alternative to the Microsoft Studio.

Unfortunately, the incredible display quality and the huge screen real estate came at a price. It initially retailed for $3,200 before settling for around $2,500. Naturally, there are those who could not justify spending such amount of money. Now, this does not mean that there is no viable alternative. Consumers can opt to purchase a certified refurbished unit to enjoy features and specifications similar to a brand-new C7016H at a fraction of the price. This particular 70-inch monitor will only set you back $1,699.99, which is translated to about $1,500 in total savings!

What Is A Refurbished Item?

Essentially, a refurbished electronic product pertains to an item that has been modified to ensure that it works according to OEM standards. The same can be said about the Dell 70-inch C7016H monitor. It has been refurbished but what is even more notable is the fact that the refurbishing process was certified.

Dell Certified

A certified refurbished label for the C7016H means that it was refurbished by Dell itself and not by some third party technician or company. The process included rigorous updates and testing to ensure that the unit achieves the same quality and standards of a brand-new monitor variant.

Same Features for Less

You can, therefore, expect cutting-edge features while you save a significant amount of money in the process. To underscore this point further, there is the fact that aside from best in class support, Dell also provides 3-year Advanced Exchange Service protection. So, you if you decide to buy the refurbished C7016H, you will definitely have peace of mind.

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