Levit8ion K5 7.5″ Hoverboard w/Detachable SAMSUNG Battery, APP, Bluetooth and LCD Screen UL 2272 Certified

  • SAFE: Tested free from any potential fire hazards and has passed UL testing requirements based on the national standards for electrical safety.
  • BETTER DESIGN: Made from strong aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame that allows it to handle heavy loads. The 7.5-inch rubber tires also allows a more comfortable riding experience. Fireproof detachable Samsung battery which would allow you to immediately swap a spare battery.
  • PERFORMANCE: Top-of-the-line 400 w motor that gives the hoverboard power to maintain a 20-kilometer range, easily climb slopes and maneuver close spaces.
  • SMART: The self-balancing feature, which is perfect for new riders, is complemented by a dedicated iOS/Android app that can control the hoverboard and monitor performance.
  • VALUE-ADDED FEATURES include an LCD panel which acts as speed gauge, Bluetooth speaker – Allows you to listen to your favorite music, LED lighting system, non-slip foot pad, among others.




When it comes to high-quality hoverboards, Levit8ion Scooters is in the “must-have” list for every rider. With new features and a better design, Levit8ion Ultra is our Flagship Hoverboard – the new generation hoverboard. Engineered for the purpose to enhance driveability, durability, and performance of self-balancing scooters. Get creative and let your hoverboard take you to wherever you go!

STANDARD for SAFETY and Reset Instruction

It is rocking a premium chassis made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame. Aside from its unique look, the material insure that the hoverboard will not break or snap into two easily.

Our hoverboard offers no compromise in terms of features and value. It is UL compliance 2272 compliant eliminating any potential fire and electrical hazard.

Reset Instruction

Is the motor pulls more to one side, Red LED warning light or  balancing issue?. Factory resetting or re-callibrating the scooter resolve almost all issues that is encountered with the hoverboard.

You may follow the steps below to factory reset the hoverboard.

1. Turn off the hoverboard.
2. Level the step pads (ensure that the hoverboard step pads were evenly leveled)
3. Press and hold the power button until the LED Lights starts flashing
4. Turn off and Restart the hoverboard.

Please note, it is important that the hoverboards is perfectly leveled (see 2. instruction) prior to resetting. If the hoverboard is not leveled properly, you may have to re-do the above process.

Speed and Performance

The Levit8ion Ultra also has a maximum speed of 15 km/h and could cover as much as 20 Miles on a single charge.

For your peace of mind, the Levit8ion Ultra self-balancing scooters has passed rigorous testing to obtain UL compliance. The testing requirements are based primarily on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standard for Safety

Value-added Features

Unique LCD panel – A grab handle where you determine your current speed

KOOWHEEL PLUS APP with different mode to choose from – Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Features where you can monitor your speed, GPS tracking of your Hoverboard and set age restriction.

Bluetooth speaker – Easily syncs with any mobile device to listen to your favorite music

On-board lamplight with LED induction lighting.

Additional information

Weight 22.00 lbs
Dimensions 24.00 × 7.8 × 7.5 cm


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